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Audio Books

As a librarian and bookseller, I used to be dubious about the virtue of audio books. However, having listened to Harry Potter along Route 80 in Pennsylvania on the way to Pennsic, I now understand its value.

I wish to recommend particularly Full Cast Audio, a company that specializes in unabridged versions of fine juvenile and young adult novels. Organized by Bruce Coville, himself a prolific children’s author and thespian, the books are lovingly transferred to their new medium. See their complete catalog listing at www.fullcastaudio.com.


Can't get enough mysteries? Want Brother Cadfael’s adventures, or other historical titles that we don’t have? At The Poisoned Pen there are thousands of exciting books, reviews, and author interviews.

Medieval Stuff

The Society for Creative Anachronism

Offers us a chance to experience the Middle Ages as they should have been: courtesy, excitement, fighting, great outfits, wonderful exotic food--without fleas, lack of sanitation, or disease. Come to an event and find out how much fun participation can be.

SCA Juried Merchants List

Maintained by Gregory Blunt of Isenfir. This is, to quote Lord Gregory, "a list of merchants carrying products for SCAdians who make a little more effort than average..."

League of Renaissance Merchants

This ring of sites will guide you to locating the items you need.

A Member of
The League of
Renaissance Merchants

Cindy Renfrow

Cindy Renfrew is well-known for her two publications, Take a Thousand Eggs and Sip Through Time. Her website, http://thousandeggs.com, offers much interesting material on medieval food, recipes, and many useful links. Her newest project, the Online Culinary History Network, http://culinaryhistory.org, is an ambitious work-in-progress. It is intended that the OLCH Network be an "online research library and network of culinary texts dating from earliest times to the year 1700." It will serve as a portal whereby host libraries, universities, and other collectors can make these texts available to culinary historians, medievalists, language and literature scholars, and scholars specializing in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Where possible, links to new transcriptions and translations will be provided for the historical texts, making them more accessible. This material will be searchable, cross-linked, glossed, and indexed. The purpose of this searchable list is to "keep track of who is doing which cookbook" and to "serve as a ‘to do list’ of historical culinary titles in need of transcription and/or translation." Anyone currently working on an historical cookbook project is encouraged to email information to ONCH Network. This is a long-range, far-reaching project that will aid scholars searching for resources or translation assistance, as well as helping to avoid duplication of effort.

Two new links to check out: http://www.virtualfaire.com and http://www.scahunt.com , offer links to a number of sites of interest to medievalists and recreationists.

Consult Lord Stefan’s Florilegium

For information and opinions on a wide range of medieval topics.


Katja’s Medieval Cooking and Food Page

Great recipes can be found there. http://www.Katjaorlova.com/MedFood.html


A Boke of Gode Cookery

Has a great deal of interesting material about producing a medieval meal for your friends, and is fun to browse through!

Medieval and Renaissance Cooking Webring

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Other Booksellers

For other material on the Middle Ages and Renaissance that doesn’t fall into our categories, try these excellent book dealers.

The Haunted Bookshop

This lady specializes in rare and used books, catering to SCA interests, including costume, illumination, Medieval/Renaissance life and history. Also offering museum-quality handbound journals.

Agent With Style

Mysti Frank offers access to fanzines from a multitude of TV and movie fandoms. She's handling the back issues of MASIFORM D for me. She's got a great search engine for obscure authors and titles, too.


Auntie Arwen’s Spices – a wonderful selection, including many hard-to-find historical spices, great curry blends, and salt varieties. She’s often found at SCA events and sf cons. Try her fudge!  www.auntiearwenspices.com

Culinary Historians of New York

This interesting organization puts out a newsletter with brief articles, The Culinary Bookshelf (reviews), and member news. They sponsor monthly meetings, with numerous lectures, and seek papers demonstrating serious culinary historical research for the newsletter. The CHNY has just recently announced their new website http://www.culinaryhistoriansny.org. There you may review their programs, archives, research tools, and find links to other sites and events of interest. They intend to create a cookbook page (Recipes with History) that they describe as a ‘virtual cookbook of adapted recipes’ with introductions to place the recipes in historical and social context. They invite submissions of recipes. Membership is $40 per year.


If you don’t fancy actually sewing that superb outfit you’ve selected from my costume books, these ladies will assist you in custom-creating your ideal garb.

Cloak & Dagger

Wedding gowns or stage costumes; if you can think of it, Dina’s probably done it.


Join the dedicated costumers who gather annually for a four-day gala of shared seminars, workshops, and presentations. CostumeCon is a movable event, rotating from coast to coast. The convention does not have a fixed date, since each committee selects the dates when the event is given.

Costume Con 33 will be in Charleston, SC May 15-18 2015.  I’ll be running the Dealers Room. Visit their website http://cc33charleston.org for details, or you can reach them at costumecon33@comcast.net .

For more information, check the CostumeConNections site, where the ‘What’s New’ Pages have links to forthcoming cons. The site has many other interesting features as well.

Thorny Rose

Fine ready-made and custom garments for all your needs.

Miscellaneous Useful Sites

Great Glass Art at Steve Scherer’s Glassworks

For beautiful and extremely sturdy glass ornaments and jewelry, visit Steve Scherer’s site (http://www.schererglass.com ) Steve does blown and manipulated glasswork to create wonderful earrings and scenes inside glass balls. He loves special commissions. If you have seen the man making great stuff outside the Terra Incognita tent at Pennsic, then you’ve seen Steve at work.

Alicia Austin, Artist Extraordinaire

Since I first met her as an artist doing sketches for my old STAR TREK fanzine, Alicia has been a marvel and  a wonder. Her most recent work is an amazing combination of line and color. To see her work is to desire to possess it. http://www.aliciaaustin.com

Logo Design

Ray Van Tilburg at Off World Designs did the beautiful interpretation of my logo that graces this site. His airbrush artwork makes a tee shirt you can wear proudly. Visit his site to see his many lovely and funny designs, or get your own logo shirt!

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