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Tales of the Ancient Noble Romans and Mysteries

Murder at The War: a Modern Day Mystery with a Medieval Setting - $12.95
Mary Monica Pulver. What happens when someone dies at an SCA event? He or she gets taken to Resurrection Point, and then rejoins the fight. But this time, the death is real... Find out what you friends have been praising, and read this one yourself! Tr pb, FTL Publications.


(e-book copies of the rest of this series may be obtained from the publisher. Hard copies are promised for late fall.)


Bradamant’s Quest - $15.95

Ruth Berman, It seemed like a straightforward quest – return the magical gifts the fairies had given to mortals, now that Charlemagne’s war with Spain is over. But Bradamant finds unexpected perils and difficulties. What’s a warrior to do when valor alone is not enough to complete her quest? Tr pb, 164pp, appendix on the legends of Charlemagne.

FTL Publications        

Crewel World Mysteries

Monica Ferris (MM Pulver) Inheriting her sister’s needle-work shop when her sister is murdered may solve Betsy’s financial difficulties—in a horrible way. Can she (the primary suspect) solve the murder?


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