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New Titles May 2014


75 Receipts for Pastry, Cakes (1828)- $14.95
Eliza Leslie An 1828 cookbook featuring recipes for delicious desserts, written so that a modern cook may follow them. Paperback, 100 pp. Applewood

Confections & the English Banquet - $5.00
Elise Fleming (Countess Alys Katherine) The author tells us that "In Tudor & Stuart times... the term 'banquet' frequently referred to the final course of a meal - a course filled with sweets, spiced wines, and other delicacies." This book examines the development of this final course, what items were served, and where guests might have consumed them. Perfect-bound, 64pp, notes & bibliography. Appendices: alphabetical listing of banquet items, post-1650 list of items, suggestions for recreating a banquet course, sources for sample recipes, selected original recipes, guide to sugar stages and temperatures. SCA

Cook's Oracle (1830)- $26.95
and House Keeper's Manual. Containing Recipes for Cookery, and Directions for Carving..With a Complete System of Cookery for Catholic Families...Being the Result of Actual Experiments Instituted in the Kitchen of William Kitchiners. Paper, 440pp. Applewood

Cottage Economy (1833) - $15.95
Containing Information Relative to the Brewing of Beer. William Cobbett. Whether it concerns brewing beer, making bread, or keeping cows, pigs, poultry or bees, William Cobbett's classic work, originally published in 1821, is still an inspiring guide for anyone seeking to become self-sufficient. This 1833 edition also includes Cobbett's "The Poor Man's Friend: A Defence of the Rights of Those Who Do the Work, and Fight the Battles." Paper, 232 pp. Applewood.

Culinary Recipes of Medieval England - $60.00
Constance Hieatt. This book addresses the corpus of medieval English cookery as a whole and abstracts from it paradigm recipes for every medieval dish that we know about. In modern English with full references. Organized by category (pottage, meat dishes, poultry & game birds, fish, eggs & dairy dishes, sauces & condiments, and baked dishes.) For each dish the editor has chosen what is in her view the most typical example and, citing the source, translates the original text. HC, 240pp, dj, bibliography, index of recipes. Prospect Books

Lady's Assistant (1787) -$31.95
Being a Complete System of Cookery...Including the Fullest and Choicest Recipes of Various Kinds... Charlotte Mason. Paperback, 528pp. Applewood

London Art of Cookery (1811) - $26.95
Uniting the Principles of Elegance, Taste, and Economy : And Adapted To the Use Of Servants, and Families Of Every Description...John Farley. Paperback, 426pp. Applewood

Revolutionary Cooking - $16.95
Virginia T. Elverson & Mary Ann McLanahan. Ranging from the simple to the sumptuous, here are over 200 recipes inspired by Colonial meals. Inspired by recipes the authors discovered in cookbooks, family journals, and notebooks from 150 to 250 years ago. Each chapter is introduced by accounts of how early Americans breakfasted, dined, drank, and entertained. B/w illus drawn from objects in various collections both private & public.HC, dj, 180pp, Bibliogrpahy, glossary, index.

Virginia Housewife (1836) - $14.95
or, Methodical Cook. Mary Randolph. Paper, 200 pp.


Art of Manipulating Fabric. $29.95
Colette Wolff. The possibilities for three-dimensional manipulation of fabric - gathering, pleating, tucking, shirring, and quilting woven materials - are seemingly endless. To describe them all would be to describe the entire history of sewing.

The author has set herself just this task, and she succeeds brilliantly. Working from the simplest possible form - a flat piece of cloth and a threaded needle - she categorizes all major dimensional techniques, shows how they are related, and gives examples of variations both traditional and modern. The result is an encyclopedia of techniques that resurface, reshape, restructure and reconstruct fabric. Trade paper, perfect bound, 312 pp, b/w illus throughout.

Dressing Up: Cultural Identity in Renaissance Europe - $45.00
Ulinka Rublack. In 1526, Matthaus Schwarz, head accountant of the Fugger merchant company, commissioned the first of 136 portraits of himself in his finest clothes. These portraits, showing him from infancy to age 63, remain a tremendous resource illustrating the changing fashions and suitable garments for a gentleman advancing in society and maturity. 23 of these portraits, as well 133 other illustrations, form the backbone of this intriguing volume. This book shows how clothes made history and how history can be about clothes. The author shows how fashion was a striking and not just an elite phenomenon. This brilliantly illustrated book draws on a range of insights across the disciplines and allows us to see an entire period in new ways. Trade paperback, 25 p select bibliography, extensive notes & index, 354pp, numerous color & b/w illus. Oxford University Press.


Field Guide to Fleece; 100 Sheep Breeds & How to Use Their Fiber - $14.95
Deborah Robson & Carol Ekarius. By the authors of Fleece & Fiber Handbook. With this book in hand, crafters can easily reference sheep breeds, the characteristics of their fleece, and which projects they fleece is best suited for. This user-friendly abridged guide is an excellent primer for those new to the field and a handy portable reference guide for the enthusiast. Paper, 5"x7", 232pp, full color photos throughout


Steampunk Accessories - $18.99
Nicola Tedman & Sarah Skeate. 20 projects to help you nail the style, from goggles to cell phone cases, gauntlets, and jewelry. Trade paper, 128 pp, index, templates. B/w diagrams and color photos throughout. Barron's.

Steampunk Adventurer's Guide - $25.00
Thomas Willeford, illustrations b7 Phil Foglio. Contraptions, creations, and curiosities anyone can make. Exciting projects! Trade paper, 3 appendices, templates, 219 pp, metric to US/USD to metric conversion chart, color photos


Peter Bricker Series. Mary Monica Pulver. These sequels to Murder at the War do not focus of the SCA, but are also excellent reads. There also are:

Islands of Chaldea - D W Jones, completed by Ursula Jones - $17.95

Royal Airs Sharon Shinn (#2 in Elemental Series) paper, August - $7.99

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