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Books on medieval cookery, costuming, domestic aspects of the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

Poison Pen Press sells books, specializing in medieval cookery, costuming, and other material relating to the domestic aspects of the Middle Ages and Renaissance. We have the finest list of in-print cookery titles in The Known World. A few interesting books relating to later historical periods have recently been added to our list, as well as a few on historical gardening; well, that's domestic, isn't it?

A new section on fighting, weapons, and various aspects of the military (including blacksmithing and feeding the Navy in Nelson's time) has been sneaked in. Something for everyone, eh?

Our secondary specialty is hard-to-find juvenile fantasies, in particular reprints of such author as D W Jones. In addition, we carry a select list of historical murder mysteries, and a few books written by our friends.

Happily, we continue to see numbers of excellent new and reprinted fantasy titles, which I am glad to include in this catalog.

As people continue to ask me, "What do you do with all that free time now that you are retired?" I can only reply, "What free time?"

I had a wonderful time in England this spring, where I attended four different food-related conferences in three weeks. I particularly enjoyed my stay in Oxford, where we roomed in student dormitories and ate in hall (the one they copies in the "Harry Potter" movies.) Now I just have to save up enough money to do it again!

I'm putting up a page that should list the new titles received each quarter. It may be accessed under New Titles. If you'd like to be sent this information automatically, please go to Mailing List and Comments and sign up.

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We're happy to do special orders, and welcome suggestions of new titles that you think might fit our list. Please email suggestions (author, title, publisher, etc) to Devra@poisonpenpress.com .

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In addition to selling by mail-order and on-line, I also sell at science fiction conventions and SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) events. Check out our schedule and visit our booth.

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