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Anglo-Saxons & Vikings


Cooking Section:

Anglo-Saxon Food Production & Distribution (combined edition)  - $49.95
Ann Hagen. A reissue of the Handbook and Second Handbook in one volume.  Extremely valuable in this field, where there is so little available. Prospect Books

Tastes of Anglo-Saxon England - $9.95
Mary Savelli.
A carefully researched compendium of recipes from Early Medieval Britain, each complemented with historical and source information. General information about drinks & cooking techniques, followed by 46 recipes. 80pp, paper. Anglo-Saxon Books.


Costume Section:

Dress in Anglo-Saxon England - $60.00
Gale R Owen-Crocker. Revised & expanded edition. Considerably updated, this new edition focuses on English dress from the fifth to the eleventh centuries. It draws evidence from archeology, text and art (manuscripts, ivories, metalwork, stone sculpture, mosaics), and also from re-enactors’ experience. It examines archaeological textiles, cloth production and the significance of imported cloth, and foreign fashions. Dress is discussed as a marker of gender, ethnicity, status and social role – in the context of a pagan burial, dress for holy orders, bequests of clothing, commissioning a kingly wardrobe, and much else… (Pub note) 12 b/w, 13 color plates, 140 b/w drawings, glossary of clothing terms, possible cutting plan for 11th century gown. HC, 408 pp, extensive biblio & index. Boydell & Brewer


Cookery Section

From Stone Age to Viking: a culinary voyage through time - $38.95

Sabine Karg. Fancy a Bronze Age beer, Stone Age sour dough or some Mesolithic eel and oyster soup? Thanks to a team of Danish archaeologists, we can make ancient dishes ourselves. Sabine Karg, Regula Steinhauser-Zimmermann and Irmgard Bauer have recreated our ancestors’ eating habits by examining prehistoric cooking remains and the recipe book that followed, A Culinary Journey Through Time, is now available in English.

Karg, who has conducted excavation work in Jordan, Turkey and northern Europe for more than 25 years, says of her own dinner parties: ‘I often serve my friends moretum  [a herb cheese spread made by  ancient Romans], poppy seed rolls and walnut pesto.’The team of archaeologists divided our ancient eating habits into Middle Stone Age (dating to 9000BC), New Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Roman times, Middle Ages and Modern Age.  Tr Pb, Communicating Cultures


Costume Section:

Medieval Garments Reconstructed: Norse Clothing Patterns - $50

Else Ostergard, Anna Norgard & Lilli Fransen. This volume begins with a short introduction to the amazing finds of garments from the Norse settlement of Herjolfnes in Greenland. It then features chapters on technique – production of the thread, dyeing, weaving techniques, cutting and sewing. Also included are measurements and drawings of garments, hoods, and stockings, with sewing instructions. A practical guide to making your own medieval Norse garment. HC, 200pp, illus. Aarhus University Press.

Northern European Women’s Garb - $5.00
Christina Krupp & Carolyn Priest-Dorman.
Covers women’s garb in Northern Europe 450-1000 CE, focusing on Frisians, Angles, Franks, Balts, Vikings, & Finns. Although brief, this remains an excellent, basic source. 71pp, pamphlet. SCA.

Woven Into the Earth: Textile Finds in Norse Greenland - $49.95
Else, Ostergaard. The book offers an account of the 1921 find of textiles in Herjolfsnaes, Greenland. The garments had been used as swaddling to wrap around corpses. Woven into the Earth recounts the dramatic story of Norlund's excavation in the context of other Norse textile finds in Greenland. It then describes what the finds tell us about the materials and methods used in making the clothes. The weaving and sewing techniques detailed here are surprisingly sophisticated, and one can only admire the talent of the women who employed them, especially considering the harsh conditions they worked under. The weather conditions preserved the textiles extremely well, & the result was a spectacular find, and amazing insights into sewing & weaving techniques as well as the materials used in the garments’ manufacture. Heavily illustrated in color & b/w. HC, index, biblio,

Viking Clothing- $37.50  - Temporarily Out of Stock

            Thor Ewing. This accessible new book is the first to tackle the question of what the Vikings wore, drawing on evidence from art, archeology, literature, & linguistics to arrive at a fresh understanding of the nature of Viking clothing. Includes an overview of textiles & dyeing, an exploration of cloth production & clothing in the context of the society as a whole. Includes a detailed consideration of male & female outfits & a new interpretation of the suspended dress. Biblio, index, numerous b/w photos, diagrams, patterns, & contemporary drawings, 14 color photos. Tr Pb, 192pp. Tempus




Women in the Viking Age - $34.95

Judith Jesch. The first book length study in English to consider what women did in the Viking Age, both at home and in the Viking colonials from Greenland to Russian. Jesch has assembled the rather fragmentary evidence provided by archeology, runic inscriptions, place names, and personal names, foreign historical records and Old Norse literature and mythology. PB, 248pp. Boydell & Brewer


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